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Open all year round
• July – August : 7/7 – 9 am-7 pm
• April, May, June and September :
Monday – Saturday: 9 am-6.30 pm
Sunday and bank holidays: 10 am-1 pm
• 1st October – 31st March :
Monday – Saturday: 9-12.30 am and 2-6 pm
• SNCF Train Office:
Monday to Satruday 9-12:30 am and 1:30-6:00 pm


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The team working at the Office of tourism wishing to welcome and inform visitors in the best possible way took part in the FROTSI Brittany approach as soon as it was created.
Concarneau Tourist Office has consequently adopted a more in-depth approach in order to offer its visitors and its partners a better quality service.
Each team member has become aware of the importance of quality in our missions and we work every day to maintain and improve the level of quality set by our first commitments:
• to develop a better reception and maintain an constant level of service for an ultimate customer satisfaction thanks to the drafting of a Quality Manuel describing the working methods which must be common to all. Satisfaction questionnaires, visitors’ suggestions and comments, staff training enable us to monitor the smooth running of our system.
• to promote internal trade and motivate staff thanks to a national project that highlights the work done. Our organisation and our involvement in the Quality control enable members of staff everyone to find their rightful place and boost their job.
• to develop the local tourist industry thanks to fully performant skills. A good Quality organisation, more efficient and better trained staffs guarantee advice favourable to local economic development.
• to make our various partners recognize the quality of the service provided to visitors by communicating and acquiring the Label.

Concarneau Tourist Office was the first Tourist Office in Brittany to get the Tourism Quality Label TM in February 2009!

Satisfaction questionnaire
In view of our Quality control approach, we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions. To do so see our online questionnaire.


Keen to respond to the needs of disabled people, Concarneau Tourist Office has developed tools and facilities for which they were awarded the Disability & Tourism label for the following 4 handicaps: motor, mental, visual, and auditory.
Our staff went on a course to learn “How to welcome disabled people”.
The Tourist Office has a magnetic loop, a guide to the town fully translated into Braille and an enlarged map of the town for visually impaired people.
Tourist Office information is clearly and legibly signed, car park spaces and adapted toilets are can be found on the nearby car park.

Ask the Tourist Office for the list of places accessible to disabled people in Concarneau.

Find the list of accessible places in Cornwallon the following website:
Brittany, a destination accessible to all, offer you ideas for your stay:
Disability and Tourism Association:


Sustainable development of tourism, sustainable tourism or responsible tourism are 3 expressions used to describe the same dynamic…
Sustainable tourism is based on criteria of sustainability. In the long term it has to be ecologically sustainable, economically viable and fair equitable on an ethical and social level for the local populations.

Sustainable tourism must therefore:
• take maximum advantage of environmental resources which constitute a key element toward touristic development, whilst maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to safeguard natural resources and biodiversity
• respect the social-cultural authenticity of the host communities, preserve their traditional values and contribute to intercultural tolerance and respect
• ensure a viable economical activity in the long term for all parties concerned by fair social-economical benefits, including stable jobs, opportunities and social services for the host communities, as well as contributing to the reduction of poverty.

Sustainable tourism must also satisfy in the best possible way tourists, and offer then a valuable experience by making them more aware of sustainability issues and encouraging appropriate practices.

Eco-tourism relates mainly to tourism practiced in a natural environment.
This touristic activity is about preserving the environment, educating people and providing local social-economical benefits.

Fair tourism ensures that local communities benefit from the generated income and reconciles tourism with the improvement of their living conditions. The key concerns of tourism are the respect of the inhabitants and their way of life, their involvement in tourism and the direct economic benefits.

Solidarity tourism is directly associated with local social-economic projects. In this context, tourists and tour operators can directly take part in development projects. They can also fund a rehabilitation project: building, equipment, planning… or a social project via a percentage of the overall cost of the trip.

Social tourism advocates the right to vacation and accessibility to tourism for all: young people, families, pensioners, disabled people, and people on low incomes.

Concarneau Tourist Office is now also involved in a sustainable development movement and works with the local authorities and local associations to encourage savings especially where the environment is concerned.
To that effect staff attended courses on “How to incorporate a sustainable development approach within the Tourist Office environment” in order to become aware and familiar with the approach and implement it in-house but also with its partners.

Some examples:
• “eco-gestures” notes displayed at the Tourism Office
• Encouraging car sharing
• Advertising via the Agency France-Randonnées a hiking holiday between Concarneau and Pont-Aven
• Distribution of beach ashtrays
• “eco-gestures” notes for the benefits of furnished accommodation owners…