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With its ramparts and towers built circa XIIIth century, the Ville Close looks like a wonderful sand castle battered by successive tides. Situated on a rocky island, The Ville Close is an exceptional site between the fishing port and the marina. In the cradle of Concarneau, it has crossed the centuries protected in the shadow of its ramparts, thereby retaining a rich architectural heritage, shops and restaurants.

Concarneau is a microcosm of the pleasures of a seaside small town: restaurants, shops, hotels, campsites, self-catering property… Nestled in one of the most beautiful bays of Brittany, Concarneau is a privileged resort for the water sports and bathing. It’s also an important fishing port include a flotilla mainly anchored in the heart of the town. Throughout the year the art of celebration gives rhythm to the cultural calendar. Festivals and animations develop themes open to all artistic horizons.

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